The DJ

From Weddings and Corporate Events to Bars, Lounges, and Underground Nightclubs, Bradford Duke is the DJ of choice for all occasions.  Having a refined ability to read the crowd, and knowing how music moves people, Bradford creates atmosphere by playing the right song at the right time with a seamless flow.  Fabricating custom edits and remixes for use in his performances in order to maximize impact places him in an elite class of DJs.  Some are produced in the studio ahead of time while others are produced live in the moment making every performance unique and exclusive.  Combining a lifetime of professional DJ experience and a vast knowledge of many musical genres makes this DJ far more than just another human jukebox.

See the About Us Page for Bradford's resume and Bio.

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Event Production

From sound system rental for events up to 300 guests to coordinating the design and schedule for an entire event, Protean Project has you covered.  Audio fidelity is extremely important to us to ensure your event is a success.  We use top of the line audio equipment from top-tier manufacturers to ensure reliability and a clean, warm sound without ear fatigue.   We also offer up-lighting/architectural lighting to transform any room into a beautifully lit space.

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Production/Remixing | Recording Studio | Mobile Recording

Protean Project is a recording studio offering original productions as well as remixing and editing services.  Specializing in underground dance music and extending services into the following areas:

Music beds, radio spot (commercial) production, radio imaging, promos, voice-overs, music-on-hold, phone system greetings, and more...

Protean Project creates custom edits and remixes of popular songs for use in our DJ performances, in order to maximize impact and make every set exclusive.

Protean Project also has a mobile recording rig for multi-track recording of live performances.

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